Woman of Salona

First 3D NFT avatar collection of 2222 women by a 13 years old girl with NFT Stacking , Crypto Scholarship, Royalty Share and Play to Earn Metaverse Game

The Story…

From My childhood, I saw my mother doing all the housework, help me in studying, making tiffin and breakfast for all of us. One day My uncle tell me Why My mother is not doing any work outside and  how we make the world a better place just by empowering thousands of women like my mother. That idea hits my brain and I ask my Uncle what we can do to help thousands of mothers like mine! My uncle introduces me to the world of NFT and Blockchain. It is fascinating to me how we can help at least some women get a better life or even a better job opportunity! That is the backend story of the project! (Yes I know I am small but not negligible )

With open arms, we encourage and invite everyone to
acknowledge the project




Pre Launch Roadmap

Launching Social Media

We will launch our discord and twitter to spread our message to the world!

Marketing with Influencer

We will start collab with different influencer to promote the project

Developing the Art

We will generate 2222 3D NFT art with 100s of traits

Post Launch Roadmap

Secondary Marketplaces Listing

After Public Sale We List the WOS NFT  on different marketplaces that anyone can trade

Royalty Distribution

30% of total secondary sales royalty will be distributed to NFT Holders

30% of the secondary sales royalty will be donated to empower woman backed business & Scholarship to empower woman

30% of the royalties will be used to project development

10% royalties will be used to sweep the floor

100 Solana Donation (25% mint)

We donate 100 Solana to 100 Local Indian Women after 50% mint  to empower their local business  that they can improve their life quality.

200 Solana Donation (50% Mint)

We add another 100 Solana to empower women as Scholarship

3X APY for Stacking

Woman of Solana NFT holders will stack their NFTs to get passive revenue. By stacking Rare NFTs you get 3X APY

Men of Solana Drop (75% mint)

As an expression of our gratitude to our supporters, we will airdrop all those who are holders of Woman of Solana NFT with their very own “Men of Solana” NFT, 1 month after the official launch. The high-quality, 3D rendered, male avatars will preserve the same concept and style as the female avatars

Play to Earn Metaverse Game (80% mint)

We will launch play to earn multiplayer game that the holders are able to play and earn $wos coin, upgrade their NFTs and trade with other players

Meet the Team

Rupsha Ghosh

CEO • Woman Of Solana

Hi I am Rupsha (13), I am in my 2nd year of High School. I love to play with my dog (bhalu) to much and in my free time I love to help my mother.

From my early childhood, I notice one serious issue in my country. Less than 10% woman are doing any job or business here and this is not fair!

I never saw my mom to start a job or a small business I always notice she serve the household, cook for us but what about her Own life?

I don’t know how many millions of women are there like my mother who just needs a little support to start a new life and that is the objective to start the project!

I am only 13 and hope you will support me to change at least 1000+ women to start a new journey towards empowerment!!!



Creative Director

5 years of experience as software engineer


UI/UX Desiegner

UI/UX and website developer



13 years old in a mission to solve gender inequality and women empowerment

Pbr flin (Priyabrata)

3D Artist

3D artist behind Woman Of Solana

We make Partnership with ...

partnership proof : https://bit.ly/3N39Cqb

Everything to know

• When is the official launch date?


• What blockchain is Woman of Solana based on


• When will the Man of Solana launch?

8 weeks after Woman of Solana public Sale